Why Do YOU Race? We Want to Know, and We Want to Tell the World


Everybody who steps onto a Spartan course is there for a reason.

Regardless of your skill level or experience, that's the common denominator. There's a reason that you picked a date, trained, and willingly challenged yourself to face obstacles. Maybe it's because you want to get fit, or prove yourself. Maybe it's because you want to conquer your fears, silence the haters, defy the odds, or push harder than you've ever pushed before. Maybe it's because you want to climb the podium, find your tribe, earn that coveted hardware, or test yourself.

There's Samantha Cornelison, who wanted to conquer alcoholism, depression, and obesity. There's Heaven Colon, who wanted to lose 200 pounds. There's Jose Cordero, who was tired of being confined to an office chair. There's Hodari Bahati, who wanted to take his career to the next level. There's Slava Kulakovskyi, who wanted to prove that adaptive athletes are capable of accomplishing anything. There's Paul Lachance, who wanted to show that age is just a number (and that cancer isn't a death sentence).

“I used Spartan to show myself I could stick it out, and that saved my life. All that matters on the course is you, you starting something and finishing it.”

In 10-plus years of putting on races around the globe, we've heard literally thousands of remarkable stories about why people race. Now, our mission is to bring them to life. We want to show you the infinite reasons that people race, and the unbelievable impact that it has on their lives, both in the short-term and for the rest of their lives.

All throughout 2021 on our Instagram page, we are going to feature some of the incredible racers in our community, sharing their stories, their reasons for racing, and their life-changing transformations. They come from all walks of life, all corners of the globe, and all athletic backgrounds. But they all have one important thing in common: They are here for a reason, and are on a mission.

If you choose to begin, then you choose to endure. You will finish. Only then will you know at the finish line.

For all of the thousands of stories that we've received, and that have been sent directly to Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena, we know that there are thousands more that have not been told. We want to change that. If you want to share your story, for an opportunity to be featured, tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #WhyIRace.

Your reason for racing matters. It truly has the power to transform a life, and that's not an exaggeration. Tell us your story, and your reason, so we can continue to inspire and motivate our community, and make our mission --- ripping 100 million people off the couch --- a reality.

KELSEY WYNN We're building a better world by empowering people to eat, think, and live like a Spartan. Join us.