Spartan training groups in Czech republic
by Klára Viršíková • Jul 23rd, 2023

Training group and family: Spartan training groups in the Czech Republic

Training groups were created all over the Czech Republic as early as 2014. The first official group was created in Brno, where Ondra Chlup came up with this great idea and together with Fíla Kajanovič and Ondra Vojtek started training for the Spartan Race. Soon after, other groups were formed in Pardubice, Prague, Kolín, Kladno or even České Budějovice. Over the course of two years, several dozen new groups were formed, and on 17/11/2015 we joined them with our SRTG Lišov, which brought many new friends and unforgettable experiences into our lives. Even my mother can easily confirm this.

"I started playing sports properly when our SRTG was founded. Initially, I mainly wanted to support my daughter, who was the coach of the group, but in the end, the training sessions and the racing atmosphere drew me in so much that I stood alone in the starting corridor instead of volunteering and encouraging our group. In 2016, I won my first Trifecta when I was on the combined Sprints in Prague and Košice, on the extremely hilly Super in Kouty and the endlessly long Beast in Liberec. But the feeling at the finish line was always worth it. Since then, I have run countless races, and new and new teammates join our group every year, who run their first time at Spartan and together we can share all the experiences. During the year, in addition to training, we organize various events, which usually have a charitable undertone. For a long time, as part of Spartan Special, we ran children's races with the handicapped Terezka, who grew close to our hearts over the years, so every year we helped her and her family with the amount of money collected at the events. This year we will once again collect money for the Spartan Olympic Torch project, which runs mainly thanks to us - the training groups. Literally, because the symbolic torch is really constantly running. Groups pass it all over the Czech Republic and the last group will run to Kouty with it for the September races. So we don't really get bored in training clothes, and I'm grateful for that! ,, - Míša, STG Lišov

If you don't need to be bored either, find the nearest STG and join. Over the years, we have only dropped the "R" from our names, otherwise we are still the same sports enthusiasts. Each group goes in a slightly different direction, but we share a love for sports. For example, in Prague they created an association "We make dreams come true with sport", and they constantly help where needed. They organize several sports events during the year, but they also visit families around Prague on St. Nicholas Day and donate the proceeds to a good cause. In Brno, they have built beautiful spaces for exercise and have a large selection of trainings there, which you can also find on their website. They have the same situation in Čelákovice, for example, where coach Honza really doesn't care about his team, so Čelákovice gets more and more green every year.

"Our training group has been operating for many years, and during that time we have greatly expanded our ranks. We have also created our own association so that we can apply for subsidies and we have moved the level of training to a higher level. This was also achieved, and thanks to the good cooperation with the city management, we have a beautiful workout field where one poem is trained for obstacles. We have included, for example, yoga or children's exercise machines in the offer of trainings. In Čelákovice, we participate in a lot of events and, traditionally, we organize a New Year's training session and offer great sports activities. We are one big family and we welcome every new member. – John

And speaking of children, they won't come in our groups either. For example, in Kolín, children have had regular training for a few years, and the people of Kolín organize a beautiful race for them. Another such group is STG Rychnov nad Kněžnou.

"The Spartan training group in Rychnov nad Kněžnou has been operating since 2015. Initially, the training sessions were only for adults and were mainly based on functional movement. As our group grew, we added obstacle course elements to our training. Currently, our STG group has more than fifty adult members. Subsequently, a children's group was created at the request of our members - parents. Spartan Kids RNK has around 60 members. We train children from the age of 3 to 12. Children are divided into younger and older. We try to develop versatile movement, skill and love for sports in children. The training sessions are conducted in a fun way and are very popular with children. We train overcoming obstacles, stabilization exercises, mobility and other exercises that lead to the healthy development of children. We buy all the obstacles and equipment from our own resources as far as possible, and now partly also from the subsidies that have been provided to us. The children are looked after by coaches who receive regular training and thus have sufficient experience. In 2019, we started building a training arena with the help of subsidies from the City of Rychnov nad Kněžnou. At present, there are a lot of obstacles that you know from racing and anyone outside of our STG can try them. We mainly use it for regular training. We are constantly expanding the arena and use it a lot during the summer, then we train in the local gym in the winter. During the year, we participate in many other sports, running, obstacle and charity events. We are a group of people who love sports and love movement. We are happy to welcome anyone who wants to start exercising, moving, meeting new friends. Everyone started somehow. We don't play games, we're a great bunch. We are STG Rychnov nad Kněžnou. – Kuba,,

They have a similar situation in Děčín, where they also organize children's camps and both adults and children can be seen at training sessions all year round. One of the coaches from Děčín will tell us about the events in their group.

"STG Děčín was established in the summer of 2016. Popovický vrch was chosen as the ideal place for training and one's own children as the ideal load for gaining muscle mass. From the beginning, the training sessions were aimed at involving everyone, from toddlers to adults. Over the years, the base moved nearby to Krásné Studenec, to our RG (Rocky Gym). The gym, built in the walls of the old cow shed, is currently equipped with hand grips and exercise equipment. The nearby area offers both easier and harder running routes, where all our 5 training groups will come to their senses. From children, through children, juniors to two other groups, which are divided according to interest – hobby x performance. During the year, we organize countless events, whether they are events organized by Spartan, such as the Olympic torch, which we started this February as a charity journey of the torch across STG groups, or events for our children, such as Nicholas Day, Children's Day or a summer residential camp. Unforgettable are the training sessions, race weekends spent together and all-day hikes. Every joint training, event, experience is something unrepeatable, encouraging and inspiring. – Katya,,

So, as you can see, the groups are diverse, but they agree on the important thing. Sport, movement and helping others is the basis of all. Our groups have already covered a huge number of kilometers with the torch and if you want to help, you have the opportunity to contribute - you can find more detailed information on this FB page: and if you are looking for new great partners, find the nearest group and join. You can find the list of groups at this link: You can easily contact any group via the FB page and join them for training, and then we will look forward to seeing you in the starting corridor in the new team jersey.

There is enough space and fun for everyone in the groups, and I will always be grateful that I have STG Lišov. It's hard work and sometimes takes a lot of time and energy, but damn, it's worth it! STG Lišov is like my second family and I have met so many wonderful people thanks to it. It's always great to see friends from other groups at races. In addition, each group regularly celebrates its anniversary, and such a party with partners is sometimes an interesting experience. So there is really nothing missing.

Join some STG group.

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Klára Viršíková - Spartan Ambassador Czech rep.

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