Spartan Trail for all running lovers
by Dominika Kačengová • Apr 16th, 2023

Are you enchanted by the Spartan community, but don't you have the courage to stand at the start of a race where there are many obstacles waiting for you? Do you think your strength will not be enough? Don't believe yourself? However, you are still drawn to us because you love running, nature, traveling, meeting new people, who are on the same page?

We have a solution for you, read the article prepared by our ambassador Dominika Kačengová.


What does Spartan Trail mean?

The Spartan Trail has been part of the Spartan "family" since 2018 and debuted in our region for the first time in 2021. The goal of this race is to allow as many people as possible to join our Spartan family who love to run, but the obstacles are not what they want. they wanted to build as part of the race.

At the same time, we want this form of racing to give people the opportunity to convince themselves that replacing running on ordinary trails with running in beautiful nature will take their hobby to a completely different dimension.

So, if you are looking for a Spartan community and atmosphere, beautiful scenery, nature and races without Spartan obstacles, this is the right nut for you.

But be careful! Even in this race, it's a challenge to surpass yourself!

What Spartan Trail levels await me?

If you are determined to become part of the Spartan world, the shortest route of 10 km will be the ideal start for you.

Do you feel like a little more challenge in beautiful nature? The half-marathon, a 21 km long track, will surely satisfy you.

The longest and most demanding distance of the Spartan Trail, with a track length of 50 km, will require some training, determination to overcome oneself, to push one's limits. But that feeling is priceless.

What elevation do I have to climb during the race?

Since Spartan itself is not a "walk in the park", you can expect the unexpected in the various locations where the Spartan Trail is organized.

Expect to be greeted by some nice hills, the elevation varies from 500 to 3000 m, depending on the level of the race. Don't expect to walk on flat terrain.

Beautiful views, running passages in the woods, or even in non-traditional places is what connects Spartan with obstacles to the Spartan Trail.

Do I have a limit to complete the race?

Track limits await you at every level of the race. You don't have to worry about missing them. The organizer always tries to set the limits so that every participant who does not have any problems on the track can reach the finish line within the limit. But they are there for your safety, as well as mandatory equipment.

The limits are currently set as follows: • 10 km – 4 hours • 21 km – 6 hours • 50 km – 10 hours

Is there any mandatory equipment that I must have?

As part of the Spartan Trail, "Proposals for competitors" or information on the mandatory equipment for the race, as it may vary depending on the level and difficulty of the particular track. As an example, we state that the mandatory equipment most often includes: thermofoil, mobile phone, own cup (or bottle/camel bag), whistle and, in the case of longer races, a headlamp.

It is important to observe the mandatory equipment, as the organizer is entitled to check the equipment during the race and, in case of missing items, not to allow the competitor to start.

Which category can I apply for?

As part of the Spartan Trail, the waves are not divided as in the Spartan race, i.e. everyone starts in one common wave. However, automatically the first three men and the first three women are evaluated in the ELITE category and subsequently all others are evaluated within the respective age group AGE GROUP.

In addition, the ELITE category has a financial reward for the winners, and the AGE GROUP category has a special extra medal.

How are the age categories divided for the evaluated AGE GROUP waves?

• 15-19 years • 20-29 years • 30-39 years • 40-49 years • 50-59 years • 60+ years

Trailfecta, what is it? If you follow Spartan at least a little "from afar", you must have noticed the possibility of getting the Trifecta at the classic Spartan race if you run all three levels of Spartan - Sprint, Super and Beast (Ultra) in one year (season).

Likewise on the Spartan Trail, if you complete all three levels of 10 km, 21 km and 50 km in one year (season), you will receive a Trailfecta. After each race, a medal with a third is waiting for you.

Collect all three thirds from each Spartan Trail level and the Trailfecta will be yours!

I am ambitious and want to go to the championship. Does Spartan Trail also have this option?

Spartan Trail doesn't forget ambitious runners either, and that's why the 2023 Spartan Trail World Championship (STWC) is at your disposal.

The Spartan Trail World Championship is a series of races around the world and you can choose from two categories or championships: 1. Trail Championship up to 49 km 2. Ultra Championship 50 km and more

Championship races are held all over the world and it's up to you which race you choose. At the end of the season, the results of the individuals are added up within the points system and a ranking is created. You can participate in as many races as you want, but at least two races with any quota (points) are counted in the final standings. The 3 best performances from the race with a quota of 2000 points and the 2 best performances with a quota of 1000 points are counted.

The 2023 season will host 9 premier events around the world, offering varying amounts of points towards the Championship rankings. Each event will feature an ULTRA Championship distance and a TRAIL Championship distance.

The current 2023 season starts in February at the Transgrancanaria in the Canary Islands (Europe) and ends at the Golden Gate Trail Classic in California (USA) in November.

Spartan Trail World Championship host countries:

1. Transgrancanaria (Europe) – quota 2000 points 2. Patagonia Run (South America) – quota 2000 points 3. Maxi – Race Annecy (Alps/Europe) – quota 2000 points 4. Brisbane Trail Ultra (Australia/Oceania) - quota 1000 points 5. Fjällmaraton (Sweden / Europe) – quota 1000 points 6. Salomon Ultra Pirineu (Pyrénées/Europe) – quota 2000 points 7. Borneo Trail Classic (Asia Pacific/Asia) - quota 1000 points 8. Shinshiro Trail Classic (Japan / Asia) – quota 1000 points 9. Golden Gate Trail Classic (Golden Gate/North America) – quota 1000 points

You can find more information about the Spartan Trail World Championships HERE

What is my personal view of the Spartan Trail?

I am currently working on the Spartan race for the fourth season. I always preferred to only go to obstacle races and I didn't plan to participate in the Spartan Trail either, since I didn't have the time and especially with obstacles it's more difficult, more adrenaline and I love difficult challenges. However, in the 2021 season I broke my wrist in an unfortunate fall during the race. The first thought was “What now? Taking a break from this world is out of the question." Since my passion for Spartan cannot be extinguished so easily, it was the first strong incentive to try the Spartan Trail, which made room for me.

I completed my first race at the end of the 2021 season in Romania, and since then the Spartan Trail has become part of my race calendar. Beautiful scenery, nature, difficulty of the race, interesting locations and, above all, very good training in preparation for the classic Spartan. All of these are the reasons why Spartan Trail was so fascinating to me. At the same time, the organizers include it as part of the competition weekend at such a time that we, the participants of the classic Spartan race, can participate in an even greater challenge and include this race in our competition weekend.

I would recommend the Spartan Trail to anyone who wants to enjoy the Spartan atmosphere, nature, beautiful views, but does not have a close relationship with obstacles, or even to a competitor who is preparing for his first Spartan from the Super level and above, as the difficulty of the track is very similar. albeit without obstacles.

Current Spartan Trail calendar within CEU

Do you have any questions about Spartan Trail? Write to us, we will be happy to answer them.

You can find us on Facebook as the "Slovak Spartan community" group, or you can contact me directly via Facebook

Spartan Trail

Dominka Kačengová - Spartan Ambassador Slovakia

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