7 reasons to try Spartan in Šamorín
by Dominika Beňaková • Apr 12th, 2023

Another Spartan race in Šamorín is coming up. If you are still hesitating, our ambassador Dominika Beňaková has written for you 7 reasons why it is worth coming to this location, which was such a success last year.

In 2022, the race in Šamorín took place for the first time, and I admit, I didn't know what to expect from it. In the end, however, they were one of the best that took place in Central Europe. Why should you definitely not miss them this year? What makes them special and what can you look forward to? 1. The race will take place in the beautiful x-bionic® sphere complex, where Slovak Olympians are also preparing. This ultra-modern sports venue has one more dominant feature - horses. They are stabled here, trained here, have the most modern physiotherapy here, and prestigious dressage and show jumping competitions are held here. The track will lead between stables, kennels and paddocks, you will definitely see four-legged animals at least from a distance. The entrance to the sports center leads past a breathtaking metallic horse sculpture, which is a beautiful, dynamic work of art.

2. The equipment of the sports center and the services provided by this area are the best you can get in the Spartan race. There is luxury accommodation right in the epicenter, wellness, restaurants and buffets. You can watch the festival area and the events in it from a spacious amphitheater seat, where your loved ones can also wait for you.

3. I firmly believe that we will have wonderful weather like last year, and you will also take top photos from this race, the surrounding scenery is really made for photography.

4. There are several race formats on offer, so everyone really has something to choose from. On Saturday morning, the Spartan Sprint is waiting for you, in the afternoon, a special charity format of Charity, in which you can try each obstacle multiple times and you don't have to worry about any penalties. Charity is especially suitable for beginners. In the evening, a more adrenaline-packed Sprint Night format awaits us, where a headlamp is mandatory. The track does not change, but running in the dark has a special charm. On Sunday, a longer Super will take place, which will take you through a wider area. Spartan Kids is held both days. On Friday, Hurricane Heat awaits you, a popular endurance drill that will test your endurance.

5. Also at this race, a special wave will be prepared for you at 1:20 p.m. - Spartan Sprint for newcomers, with whom I and other ambassadors of Spartan Slovakia will run. Each of us has completed many Spartan races, we will be happy to help you, advise you and show you how to overcome individual obstacles. Throw away all your worries and come have fun with us and experience Spartan for yourself. We will also help you with registration, you will also find us in the Festival area, you can warm up with us and you will definitely not be bored with us.

6. What awaits you on the track? Standard Spartan obstacles, but with one huge advantage. The track leads through flat terrain, you don't have to worry about hills that can trouble even the strongest of us. There's no better place for your first Spartan race.

7. Last year we experienced what we haven't experienced in a long time. Thousands of competitors came to the race and the atmosphere was unique. Since the time of the Covid epidemic, we have been more modest with a smaller number of competitors in one place, but Šamorín was epic. I can't wait for this year already. The energy on and off the track was exciting.

For me, the race in Šamorín had an even more special flavor, I ran the Spartan Charity together with my friends and we literally laughed the whole race. We went crazy on the obstacles, supported each other, managed to take some videos and photos. I mostly race in Age Group competition, but running with friends was one of the best experiences of last season. I warmly recommend Šamorín and I wish you as much laughter, joy and sporting experiences as I did.

See you on the track!

Spartan Weekend Šamorín 2023

Dominika Beňaková - Spartan Ambassador Slovakia

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