A special starting wave with Spartan ambassadors
by Lukáš Hendrych • Aug 8th, 2023

Special Start Wave with Spartan Ambassadors: Newbie's Eyes

On the last weekend of June, the first ever Spartan races took place in Brno, and this year's novelty was also a special wave with ambassadors on the Sprint course. The core idea of this "new" wave is to try to allay the fears of those who are hesitant to sign up for Spartan for the first time. "I certainly can't do that. I don't climb a rope. Are you crazy? It's definitely not for me.” These are just a fraction of the arguments you hear when a future (first-time) racer ponders registration. In order to dispel these often unnecessary fears, the idea of the "ambassador wave" came up.

So what is its uniqueness? The answer is simple - mutual help. Experienced ambassadors from the Czech Republic throw away their comfortable tracksuits, change into racing clothes and complete their first race with the newcomers. The purpose of this wave is therefore to help all its participants to the dream finisher's medal. And how does it all actually go? Before the start, a classic common warm-up will take place, then the competitors and the ambassadors will move to the starting corridor and run together on the track. During the race, groups of competitors are formed spontaneously, and individual ambassadors attend to them as needed. Someone needs psychological support on an obstacle, others need encouragement on the hill with a sandbag on their shoulders. In short, the ambassadors help where needed (with technique on the obstacles, explain the rules and penalties for not overcoming which obstacle, advise how to prepare for the race). Above all, they encourage the competitors. Do your feet hurt? Is it poking you in the side? Do you feel like you can't handle the next obstacle? Does not matter! We are with you from start to finish! Each of the ambassadors has experienced it and knows very well what it is like. Therefore, they now help others overcome their fears.

In order to bring you closer to the experiences of specific participants, we have prepared the following interview for you. Karolína and Lucka talked about how (and if at all) the ambassadors managed to fulfill the purpose of this starting wave.

Lukáš: Ladies, how did you find out about the ambassador wave? What led you to register for this particular wave?

Karolína: I learned about the ambassador wave (and about Spartan in general) from our trainer Petra Stryková, who gradually encouraged me during each training session to try this unique experience. Since Petra is one of the ambassadors, there was nothing to think about and I signed up for my first race in this wave.

Lucka: I learned about the ambassador wave thanks to ambassador Verča Krásna, with whom I go to practice. After mutual agreement, we agreed to try Spartan together and enjoy the race.

Lukáš: Did the wave of ambassadors meet your expectations? What did you appreciate most from the ambassadors?

Karolína: I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Neither from videos on the Internet, nor from individual trainings, one does not know until the last moment what is really waiting for him. It was the ambassadors who helped me with this, and not just Petra, who guided me through the entire race and explained to me (with great understanding and patience) the way and technique to overcome the obstacle as best as possible. I am convinced that without this help, the race would have been much more difficult for me and, above all, more frightening. I think the support from the ambassadors is very important, especially at the first race. To sum it up, yes, this wave met my expectations, maybe even exceeded them.

Lucka: Yes, this wave certainly met my expectations. I especially appreciated the ambassadors' friendliness and valuable advice on overcoming obstacles + running as such. Above all, there was a great atmosphere and good mood during the race.

Lukáš: What would you say to people who are still procrastinating with their first Spartan race registration? Would you recommend a wave with ambassadors for them to start with?

Karolína: I would definitely recommend that everyone who is thinking of participating in their first Spartan should sign up for this wave. Not only will it help them find their way around the place, but the support and help of the ambassadors was very important to me, and I think that without them I might not even have finished the race. In conclusion, I would like to say that no one needs to be afraid to try the Spartan race, after all, it is mainly about the atmosphere, great people and an unforgettable experience. So put your fear and shame behind you and go for it! AROO!

Lucka: I would tell them that if Spartan appeals to them, then don't hesitate and go for it. I would definitely recommend the ambassador wave to someone who is not sure if they can handle the race alone.

We thank both competitors for their honest feedback. We believe that all participants of this wave were similarly satisfied, even enthusiastic.

In conclusion, just a few numbers about the rapidly growing interest in wool with ambassadors. In Lipno, only 2 competitors took part in this premiere wave, but a few months later in Brno, the wave was already sold out. In Kouty, the wave with ambassadors will take place for the third time this year, so don't hesitate and register! We have enough ambassadors, but only a limited number of places.

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Lukáš Hendrych - Spartan Ambassador Czech republic

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